PDA partner puredesigns incorporates tall trees into design for kamut house cafe in thailand


PDA associate puredesigns presents the ‘kanut house’ cafe located in the ban don market district; a promising center of economy, commerce, transport and education in suratthani, thailand. the architects worked in close contact with the owner, in order to create a cool and minimalist meeting place that invites people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.

all pictures from may-t ueda

design by PDA partner puredesigns generates a curved greenhouse, showcasing a minimalist aesthetic with a dark monochrome color palette. curved black arches are incorporated as niches and openings in the cafe, to add height and enhance the feeling of space. the soft curves serve as a key element in the project, making the “kanut house” appear as a fluid relaxed environment, rather than as rigid.

kanut house 1

the cafe was constructed with common materials that are frequently used in the area, such as terrazzo and washed stoneware, with the PDA team using them in a more contemporary way, in keeping with today’s trends. Meanwhile, all the furniture is made of wood and rattan, which makes the interior lighter. the design achieves a balance between dark black massing, and large arched openings that direct views towards the tall trees of the garden. interior and exterior are one, in a peaceful and bright environment with lush vegetation reminiscent of a tropical forest scene.

kanuthouse 2

kanut house 3

kanut house 5

kanut house 6

kanut house 7

kanut house 8

kanut house 9

kanut house 10

kanut house 11

kanut house 12

project info:

Name: kanut house coffee
architecture office : PDA partner puredesigns
group project: mai-t ueda, soingoen tongpitak
site: muang district, suratthani, thailand
Region: 118.25 m2

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | design boom


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