Marks and Spencer Sprucefield has just launched its new fall cafe menu and it’s full of cozy treats


Today, Friday, September 23 marks the first day of autumn.

To celebrate, Marks and Spencer Sprucefield has launched its new fall cafe menu – and it’s full of cozy and comforting treats.

Culinary experts at Marks and Spencer have spent a year developing a menu of over 15 new options.

Thick slices, irresistibly crisp Sourdough Toast Collection with silky soft Marks and Spencer Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Collection (£2.75)

They range from chocolate to spread on toast – which has benefited from a “very grown-up Marks and Spencer touch”.

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Described as an “absolute must-have for this fall”, it’s an irresistibly crunchy Collection sourdough toast (each loaf takes over 35 hours to make!) covered in Marks and Spencer (£2.75), made with Italian chocolate and hazelnuts by Marks and Spencer’s artisan chocolatier.

Joining the Café lineup this week are two fall staples. The brand new, freshly baked Cinnamon Bread (£2.50) is an all-butter puff pastry rolled with a generous filling of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, then topped with demerara sugar for extra crunch. Or visitors can enjoy an Autumn Spiced Latte (£3.25) which combines Marks and Spencer Fairtrade coffee with the warming flavors of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger from chai syrup, finished with a leaf-like dusting of ground cinnamon. All Marks and Spencer coffees are now available with coconut milk, which joins oats and soy on the range at no extra cost to customers. delight. »

For another hearty option, why not try the Pie and Soup – Chicken Pot Pie Soup Hybrid (£4.95). This option offers a delicious British chicken and vegetable soup topped with a lid of buttery puff pastry. Or for an equally comforting lunch option on a chilly autumn afternoon, check out the new Marks and Spencer Gourmet Potatoes. Choose between the classic Cornish Cove Cheddar (£5.50), the vegan and Eat Well Three Bean Chili and Avocado (£5.95), or the luxurious Our Best Ever Prawn and Smoked Salmon cocktail (£6.95).


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