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Along with the recent reveal of merchandise that will be available for purchase from the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary cafe, its menu items were also displayed.

Our team Ryūji has translated the descriptions of each food and drink, and they’re all listed below alongside their respective images via our gallery.

It should also be noted that since there are two cafes (ARTNIA & Square Enix Cafe), the menu items differ slightly. The following list includes food and drink from both companies. Regarding prices, taxes are included for each item.


Destiny Island Trio Tomato Pasta (¥1,480)

A dish that includes pasta with tomato sauce in Sora’s image, scrambled eggs in Riku’s image, and red-core radish salad in Kairi’s image. Truly, a trio of fate.

King’s Best Friend Burger Plate (¥1,680)

A King Mickey burger, Donald-inspired yogurt glass, and Goofy-inspired broccoli soup, all on one plate.

*Burger patties made from soy meat.

*Donald’s rod picks can be taken home.

Twilight Scene Sea Salt Ice Glass (¥1,200)

A combination of lemon, orange jelly and yogurt, based on the sunset sky of Twilight Town. This item is also topped with soy whip and sea salt ice cream.

The tropical soup of the secret place (¥1,250)

A soup plate inspired by Destiny Island. It is a Laksa-style soup made with konjac noodles, and is served with bread decorated with doodles drawn by Kairi and Sora.

Pinky Promise Pancake Glass (¥1,100)

A combination of blue pineapple jelly and yogurt, inspired by the tropical climate of Destiny Island. This one is also decorated with star-shaped pancakes shaped like paopu fruits.

Dark Realm Curry (¥1,450)

A black curry, inspired by the Shadow of your own heart. The yellow eyes are decorated with quail yolk and it is served with a salad of purple cabbage and cherry tomatoes as a palate cleanser.

Organization XIII Tea Set (¥3,500)

This tea set is inspired by Organization XIII and features thirteen different types of fruit.

Top plate: black jelly and assorted fruits

Middle plate: yogurt whip, black scone and maple syrup

Bottom plate: Fruit sandwich on black bread, salad and fruit smoothie

Two cups of black bean tea are included in the set.

*It is recommended to share this menu item as a meal for 2 people.

*This menu comes with two placemats.

Disciples’ Rest tea set (¥1,980)

This tea set is inspired by the friendship between Terra, Ventus and Aqua.

The Mango Smoothie is inspired by the Wayfinder, and contains a fruit sandwich, fruit salad, mini mashed potato pie, and mango smoothie.


*All the items below allow you to take the straw charm home.

Smoothie Kingdom (¥980)

A low sugar apricot yogurt smoothie topped with mango and mint, inspired by the Kingdom Key color palette.

The Light Promise (¥880)

A low sugar lactic acid drink in blue Hawaiian flavor with a rosemary and mint garnish, inspired by the Oathkeeper color palette.

dark memories (¥980)

A low-sugar yogurt-raisin smoothie inspired by memories of days gone by, topped with blueberries and mint.

Ultimate Soda (¥880)

A light blue, low sugar pineapple soda inspired by the Ultima Weapon, topped with rosemary and mint.

Dark side cola (¥880)

A Darkside-inspired zero cola decorated with lemon and mint.

Fate Islands Smoothie (¥980)

A light blue Destiny Island inspired low sugar yogurt watermelon smoothie topped with pineapple and mint.

Dusk Squash (¥880)

A low sugar orange soda inspired by Twilight Town, topped with rosemary and mint.

Person Soda (¥880)

Zero calorie cider, inspired by The World That Never Was, topped with blueberries and mint.

king’s castle (¥880)

A low sugar, blueberry flavored lactic acid drink inspired by Disney Castle, topped with rosemary and mint.

The mysterious tower (¥980)

Blue low sugar strawberry yogurt smoothie with an image of the mystery tower, topped with star shaped lemon zest lemon and mint.

Apricot Yogurt from Fleeting Memories (¥850)

A yogurt covered with apricot syrup like Namine’s white outfit. Taste the sensation in the mouth as ephemeral as its presence!

If you are staying in Japan from March 26, 2022 to May 6, 2022, be sure to visit one of these cafes for a celebration Kingdom Hearts God, and let us know how the menu is!


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