Bus Loop Reopens, New Monsters Cafe Menu Additions, Bavarian Pretzels, Marmaduke Is Missing, Jurassic World Beach Towel, and More: Universal Orlando Resort Photo Story 12/16/21


Welcome to another beautiful afternoon here at Universal Orlando Resort. We know the holiday crowds are coming, so we’re enjoying those slower days while they last. Let’s go, take a tour of the station and find out what’s new today.


The bus loop has reopened after renovation. It’s not finished yet, but it’s now open to guests. The stands for the buses are a new addition and the area looks really nice.


As we headed to Islands of Adventure, we spotted a sign for an exclusive Lone Palm vacation drink across from Margaritaville. It’s the season of lights on a palm tree.


The park isn’t very crowded, but Seuss Landing is popular during the holidays and the line to meet the Grinch ran behind Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop. It will only get worse with the crowds, so be sure to arrive early and be prepared to wait if you want the experience. You can take a Take a closer look at our encounter with the Grinch in our article here. Another way to meet the Grinch is to take the Holiday Tour. You can find more details about it in our article here.


Marmaduke has disappeared! The photoshoot at Toon Lagoon is now missing the dog and leash, after being barricaded for several days. We are sure it will be back soon, like new.


Although Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is our favorite place to grab a pretzel, we spotted some delicious bavarian pretzels available at the mess tent next to Skull Island: Reign of Kong.


If you’ve gotten soaked in Jurassic Park River Adventure, you can purchase this new Jurassic World towel for $27 from the Jurassic Outfitters gift shop upon exiting the attraction.


At Universal Studios Florida, we came across these Hogwarts House bottles. You can see more details about them in our article here.


Hot set! Many shows, movies, and commercials revolve around the park, so you might stumble upon a hot set during your visit.


Monsters Cafe updated their menu. You can find the Perilous Pair, Mac and Cheese and Smoked Brisket, and Serve soft black and white on the menu now. We are thrilled to see this awesome place offering even more dining options just in time for the holidays.


Thanks for joining us around the parks today. We’ll get out of here for now, but be sure to stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for all the latest updates.


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